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HDCAM to ProRes 422HQ HD

We specialize in HDCAM conversion to digital ProRes 422HQ files. All frame rates and codecs are supported. Other pro video formats we digitize are HDCAM SR, DigiBeta, Beta SP, DVCPRO HD.

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Output Formats: 
ProRes 422 HQ HD | ProRes 422 | Avid DNxHD
Uncompressed 10bit |AVI | MOV | H264 | DPX

HDCAM Frame Rates
Frame Rates:24PsF, 23.98PsF
50i, 25PsF, 59.94i, 29.97PsF
1920X1080i HD pixel resolution. 

HDCAM / SR Transfer to Digital file in Los Angeles, CA

HDCAM / SR Transfer to Digital file in Los Angeles, CA

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HDCAM, introduced in 1997, is a high-definition video digital recording videocassette version of digital Betacam, using an 8-bit discrete cosine transform (DCT) compressed 3:1:1 recording, in 1080i-compatible down-sampled resolution of 1440X1080, and adding 24p and 23.976 progressive segmented frame (PsF) modes to later models. The HDCAM codec uses rectangular pixels and as such the recorded 1440X1080 content is upsampled to 1920X1080 on playback. The recorded video bit rate is 144 Mbit/s. Audio is also similar, with four channels of AES3 20-bit, 48 kHz digital audio. Imagine Video Services has the Sony SRW-5800 VTR decks, specifically designed for HDCAM conversions. We can transfer a single tape or an entire library of tapes.  

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