Digital Archiving has the greatest impact on the long term for content viability. Uncompressed digital masters are able to
serve as "mezzanine files" which can be re-purposed into multiple formats without degrading the source. As technology continues moving towards a fully digital "tapeless" pipeline, Imagine Video is at the forefront of digital archival solutions.

Our team has over 25 years of technical expertise in media conversion services. We are ready to help you digitize your content from all formats. Please call us @ (310)-227-2400
for a rate quote on your project.

Transfers • Duplication / Replication
Standards Conversions
Editing • Digitizing • Cloning • Online Video
HD Down Conversion • SD to HD Up-Scaling
Encoding • Scanning • File Format Conversion

Project Management • Video Restoration + Repair
Hard Drive Optimization • Inspection + Consultation
Uncompressed Capturing + Output • Quality Control

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